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Riverdale 5x04 Spoilers, Details & Air Date


Image: Courtesy of The CW

Life after high school appears to be powerful unique for the Riverdale teenagers midtwentysomethings.

"Riverdale" season 5’s 4th episode is coming this week on The CW, we are thoroughly entering another section of the series — one seven years after the current one. It's an opportunity to see a rebirth and a renewal for some of these characters. 

The upcoming episode 4 will finally show the major time-skip plot we have been waiting for, we've got the synopsis via the press release with more news on what’s ahead:

After spending seven years away from Riverdale, Archie returns to find the town is now under Hiram Lodge’s grip and on the verge of becoming a ghost town.

When Toni catches him up on what’s been going on, Archie reaches out to the rest of the gang to return home.

Riverdale‘s first time-jump episode is entitled "Chapter Eighty: Purgatorio" airs Wednesday, February 10, on The CW.

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