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The Blacklist 8x05 Spoilers, Details & Air Date


Image: Courtesy of NBC

The Blacklist season 8 5th is coming this week on NBC, and early signs from the network suggest that the focus will be shifted to the bank robbers, with the Task Force doing whatever is important to discover the organization.

Beside this, an old black case will reemerge, also it's yet to be seen what is the issue here, but since it was already featured before, quite possibly some familiar characters will appear. All things considered, a great deal of trouble makers have been brought somewhere near the Task Force.

The episode's title is: "Fribourg Confidence", and it seems like episode 5 will include some fascinating, possible intense, dramatic, scandalous and action-filled scennes.

Image: Courtesy of NBC

The synopsis teases some more details via the following description:
The task force investigates an organization of bank robbers with a special expertise in stealing from other criminals. An old blacklist case resurfaces.

The Blacklist season 8 episode 5 airs: Friday, February 5, on NBC.
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