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Magnum P.I 4x06 Spoilers, Details & Storyline

 “Magnum P.I” is coming soon to CBS with its fourth season sixth episode “Devil on the Doorstep”, the next episode will get even more interesting when Magnum gets employed to track down a mysterious source. Juliet Higgins gets another task. TC gets extremely dubious of an old buddy of Rick's and more.


Image: Courtesy of CBS

Magnum will attach a troublesome case, Higgins' previous associations with MI-6 will return into the story, and Rick will get a visit from an old companion. 

The episode’s official synopsis teases the following details: 

A journalist hires Magnum to track down his anonymous source after they mysteriously go dark, and Higgins receives a new assignment from MI-6. Also, Rick’s old friend comes to the island, but TC is suspicious of his motives.


“Magnum P.I” Season 4 Episode 6 is poised to air: November 12, on CBS.

Magnum P.I 4x06 Spoilers, Details & Storyline Magnum P.I 4x06 Spoilers, Details & Storyline Reviewed by THSPatch on novembre 06, 2021 Rating: 5

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