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Riverdale 6x05 Spoilers, Details & Storyline

"Riverdale" is coming soon to The CW with its sixth season fifth episode “The Jughead Paradox”, and the upcoming events will include the story begins with Unnerved by a progression of abnormal happenings around him, Jughead's mission for answers drives him to reveal reality with regards to Rivervale.

If "Rivervale" has not been insanely enough, presently all that resembles it's right out of classic Archie Comics!


Image: Courtesy of: The CW.

For some insight about the episode the synopsis reveals the following details:

Unnerved by a series of strange happenings around him, Jughead’s quest for answers leads him to uncover the truth about Rivervale.

"Riverdale" Season 6 Episode 5 (Chapter one hundred) is slated to air: December 14, on The CW.

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