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Top Reasons To Keep Hedgehogs As Pets

Hedgehog is a small nocturnal old world mammal with a spiny coat and short legs, able to roll itself into a ball for defence.
In recent years this animal has become more popular as many families have started to keep it as a pet at homes.

This article include the top reasons making Hedgehogs great pets.

Hedgehogs are quiet
This animals are quiet, they occasionally make a charming murmuring clamor so you won't have to worry about your pet making too much noise if you live in a apartment.

Hedgehogs are low Maintenance
To keep an Hedgehog at home you will need fresh clean water, and you must feed him once a day.
You must to keep that animal in a warm room that have light all the day. You will need too a simple cage that requires to be cleaned once a week so that is very easy to do.

Hedgehogs don’t Smell
Hedgehogs themselves don't smell at all (at any rate nothing observable to the human nose).
Unlike other animals as turtle or ferret their cage start to emit a stinky smell quickly (despite the continuous cleaning), but Hedgehogs cage odors can be kept very low with weekly cage cleanings.

Hedgehogs are reasonably low maintenance
Hedgehogs don't need to go for a walk like dogs, simply provide your pet with a rotating wheel, these exercises are sufficient to their physical requirements.

Hedgehogs don’t get sad or mad
Hedgehogs will not get depressed or angry if you are busy, they are solitary animals.
They having fun playing outside of their cage with your supervision, however, they won’t be angry if you have work to do or are too busy for a few days for play time.

Hedgehog quills don't hurt
Their quills don't hurt if you handle your pet gently, however be carefull from baby quills because they are sharper than the adults quills.

Hedgehogs can use a litter box
By training Hedgehogs start using a litter box, just take their poop and put it in, they will start going there and making the cleaning so much easier.

Hedgehogs do not cause allergies
Hedgehogs are great pet for people who have allergies, if you sniffle and sneeze when you around cats or dogs, you are very unlikely to do so with a hedgehog.
Hedgehogs produce very little dander, which is the usual cause for animal allergies.

Hedgehogs are not aggressive
Their spines are utilized as guard just when they are scared, nervous, or feel they have reason to protect themselves. In addition, they rarely bite.
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